Embark on the next “(Data)² Digital strategy” to ascend to the next level?

In the rapidly transforming travel and transportation industries, standing still equates to falling behind. Defining an effective growth strategy is essential to navigate change and seize new opportunities. This task might necessitate the use of data-centric digital assets to enhance profitability and resilience. 

Fairval expertise in digital intelligence solutions, applied to a travel and transportation business context, can significantly optimize your growth strategies that heavily rely on innovative digital assets.

Are you the CEO of a promising startup delivering a disruptive digital platform, in need of external experienced “eyes” to reinforce key aspects of your business strategy for an effective go-to-market and profitable growth hacking?

Perhaps you are at the helm of a mature SME travel service company needing to tap into new growth opportunities through digital services. However, with an existing leadership team deeply entrenched in day-to-day activities, it is challenging to craft an impactful, out-of-the-box growth strategy.

Or are you overseeing the corporate strategy division within a large enterprise that needs to bolster its existing corporate strategy teams with senior professional strategists who possess robust travel domain expertise, while being exposed to the latest innovations and startup ecosystems?

Regardless of your situation and needs, Fairval’s experts can assist you in defining actionable, impactful, profitable, and resilient growth strategies that effectively harness digital data-centric assets.


Fairval can assist you through the whole process from setting the right growth strategy, to designing and planning critical steps of your growth strategy. For this, we have designed various modular pre-packaged services for you to pick and choose.



Our “Strategy Advisory” service provides targeted consultation sessions to guide you through your growth journey. Tailored for start-ups to large corporations operating in travel & transportation industries, these remote sessions clarify the “Why,” “What,” and “How” of your strategy, leveraging our expertise in digital and data-centric solutions. Clients specify advisory topics via email or web form, and we allocate the appropriate expert for scheduled, recorded video consultations. Customizable in terms of frequency and duration, these sessions offer actionable insights.



Our “Strategy Sprint” is a 2-day workshop designed to accelerate crafting your growth strategy, particularly suited for yearly executive retreats. The workshop features a blend of interactive discussions, case illustrations, and data presentations, focusing on fleshing out the “Why,” “What,” “How,” and “When” of your strategic goals. We prep with stakeholder interviews and market assessments, then guide executives and board members through ideation, analytics, and decision-making exercises. This engaging workshop may conclude with concrete action plans, role assignments, and budget alignments.



Our “Strategy Designing” service melds deep market research with cutting-edge data analytics and AI to craft bespoke, data-driven studies for your growth strategy. The service includes various types of studies such as Competitive Landscape Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Product Viability Assessment, Pricing Strategy Optimization, and New Digital Channel ROI Forecasting. These studies reduce investment risks by providing actionable insights, enriched by a blend of your internal metrics and industry data.



Our “Strategy as a Service” provides specialized senior strategists in travel & transportation on a flexible, part-time basis. Ideal for start-ups to large corporations, this service offers Transition Directors for interim strategy leadership, strategists for your Strategy Advisory Board, and even board-level expertise for your Board of Directors. This approach affords you the strategic guidance you need without the full-time financial commitment.




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