To fund your growth strategy, Fairval delivers bespoke financing solutions

We can maximize the return on investment for your growth strategy by blending and balancing private equity funding, private/public debt or grants, and R&D/Innovation tax credit & tax optimization.


Regardless of the situation, fundraising is a challenging task and may not always be conducted optimally when it is not a core expertise within your teams.

If you are the CEO of a start-up or an SME, fundraising is likely a “fact of life.” Even though necessary, it can disrupt the effective drive of your business operations despite its undeniable benefits for innovation and potential rapid growth. In fact, a lack of experience in fundraising might lead you to adopt the wrong strategy, driving away certain “valuable” investors for the current and future rounds.

Conversely, if you are part of a large enterprise, financing radical innovation or diversification primarily with an internal budget can be challenging. It may conflict with your core business unit priorities, and through lengthy internal budget arbitration processes, you risk ending up with insufficient resources to fund radical innovation or diversification.

Because we are experts in various verticals in travel and transportation, we understand your growth strategy and innovation projects. In other words, you will not need to dedicate significant time and energy to bring us up to speed, unlike some generalist consulting firms. On the other hand, as we are also financial experts, we know how to effectively bridge your strategic project rationale with the financial world.

While we cannot replace you in this journey, we can certainly save you precious time and optimize fundraising benefits as we leverage our dual industry + finance expertise throughout our extensive industry and investor network.


Fairval can guide you throughout the entire process, from establishing the correct fundraising strategy to planning crucial steps, and effectively closing fundraising transactions through various financing vehicles. For this, we have designed diverse modular pre-packaged services.



Our fundraising advisory consultations aid in evaluating your readiness for fundraising and offer guidance on essential steps. They supply insights on financing solutions and market conditions. These sessions are remote and structured, involving expert allocation, with recorded video consultations available for post-session review.



Our Fundraising Sprint is a two-day executive workshop intended to align and hasten fundraising efforts, especially beneficial for start-ups with multiple founders. Typical participants include founding teams, board members, and lead investors. The workshop covers various aspects of fundraising alignment including goals, financing strategies, dilution targets, exit scenarios, and action plans, with Fairval providing expert facilitation and preparatory analysis.



Fairval extends detailed study services to assist with fundraising readiness. These services encompass Market Insight Ringfencing to comprehend market dynamics, Financial Modelling for feasible financial plans, Valuation Modelling for reliable venture valuation, and Funding Strategy Mix for optimized funding strategies.



Fairval presents “Fundraising as a Service,” wherein we assume the responsibility of coordinating and implementing fundraising activities on your behalf. We can aid in raising funds through various financing vehicles, including equity funds (business angels, venture capitalists, etc.), debt funds (traditional banks, venture debt firms), French Innovation Public Bank (BPI) funds, and French Research & Innovation Tax Credits (CIR and CII).

Should you have any inquiries about these services including pricing aspects, or if you have additional service needs, feel free to send us an email at or fill in our website request form here.

Disclaimer: Please note that some of these services might be limited to a certain scope depending on the advisory financial regulation rules set in a specific country.


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