Let our Fairval expert team shoulder the intricate task of fundraising for you. This service is designed to streamline your fundraising journey, taking the entire process under our wing, from start to finish.

Before delving deep, Fairval initiates a “fundraising readiness” evaluation of your venture. If deemed ready, we formalize our partnership with a dedicated service agreement, which outlines various tasks contingent on the chosen financial avenue for your fundraising venture.

What this package includes ?

  • Initiating or refining your pitch deck, or crafting fundraising forms tailored for debts, grants, or tax credit claims.
  • Offering pitch coaching sessions.
  • Creating pitch videos.
  • Networking and connecting you with potential investors from our vast network and beyond.
  • Coordinating introductory and subsequent investor meetings, inclusive of due diligence sessions.
  • Managing and providing access to data rooms.
  • Analysing term sheets from prospective investors.
  • Recommending you throughout negotiation phases up to the deal’s culmination. 
  • Partnering with legal entities to draft crucial documents for a smooth deal closure.

Our unique perspective, considering both investor and entrepreneur viewpoints, ensures a balanced negotiation outcome.

Fairval can support raising funds for the following core financing vehicles:

Equity Funds

Depending on your venture’s stage, we can introduce you to a spectrum of investors, such as business angels, (corporate) venture capital firms, family offices, , and crowdfunding platforms. We cater to various equity rounds, from pre-seed to growth phases, advising on suitable equity options like common shares, SAFE, and convertible notes.

Debt Funds

Our goal is to guide you in securing loans from traditional banks, venture debt firms, and specialized working capital lenders. With the collaboration of accounting and legal experts, we offer services to re-evaluate existing assets, optimizing your loan terms.

French BPI Funds

Particularly for ventures operating in France, the BPI provides a suite of financial products for businesses. With its rising popularity, securing funds from BPI can be intricate. Leveraging our experience, we can assist in building a compelling case for BPI funding.

French R&D and Innovation Tax Credits

The Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR) and Crédit d’Impôt Innovation (CII) are French tax incentives promoting research and innovation. However, claiming these benefits involves a detailed process. Leveraging our combined skills in innovation engineering and financial engineering, we help in creating a solid claim for these tax credits. Furthermore, Fairval’s accreditation by the French ministry for CII showcases our proven track record, enabling clients to partially account for our invoices towards CII-eligible expenses.

EU/National Grant Funds

European initiatives, like Horizon 2020 and its successor, Horizon Europe, provide public grants for R&D projects. France also boasts analogous programs. Currently, there’s substantial allocation towards AI and sustainable transportation projects. However, accessing these funds can be tricky. Fairval is here to help you navigate the complexities and maximize these opportunities.




Office in Europe

Head Office – 6 Rue du Revely, 06600, Antibes, France