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Travel & Transportation is large with high value creation potential.

People travelling represent around 10T$ and around 10% of GDP global economy, producing over 300 million jobs worldwide. 

Travel & transportation is very resilient – This is partly due to a balance between global to local travel markets and a continuous global boom of ecommerce driving growth of transportation of things.

Many top-valued unicorns are travel & transportation related. Some analysis show that if we add unicorn valuations per industry, Travel & Transportation consistently ranks amongst the top 3.


With the climate crisis and new travel behaviours, the travel & transportation industry is in a unprecedent stage where digital transformation is much needed to create further impactful value and drive new waves on sustainable travel & transportation services. Major advancement around data-centric digital technologies such artificial intelligence is in perfect alignment to successfully deliver upon these challenges. 

This is a unique opportunity for innovative ventures, but as well for financial investors and leading travel traditional players.


Provide an integrated offer of strategy, innovation and finance engineering services that travel & transportation actors need for fostering profitable & sustainable growth value creation through intelligent digital solutions. Our focus spans across six travel and transportation industry domains.



Trustworthy, ethical, respecting our customers, employees and partners.


Our differences are our strength.


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Landry Holi
Founder & CEO
Strategy & Finance Engineering

Claus Hirzman
Consulting Partner
Finance Engineering

Juliette Warter
Consulting Partner

Thomas Sampité
Consulting Partner

Michel Delrieu
Consulting Partner

Jennifer Pinto
Research Editor

Nicolas Bentolila
Consulting Partner Innovation

Quan Nguyen
Consulting Partner

James Machu
Consulting Partner

Marc Campora
Consulting Partner

Tom Jones
Consulting Partner

Paul-louis Holi
Business Development – Maritime


Scaling  Start-up  fundraising & acceleration  services

White Castle Partners connects companies with diverse sources of capital to drive their growth. Shaped and strengthened over many years with trusted relationships, White Castle Partners Investor Ecosystem is comprised of over a thousand institutional and private investors, including Family Offices, UHNWIs, VC/PE’s and Sovereign Wealth funds. White Castle Partners has developed a start-up accelerators which includes a industry vertical around travel & transportation. White Castle Partners have set a strategic alliance with Fairval to jointly develop start-up fundraising and accelerator services within the travel & transportation industry.

Scaling  data/AI expert teams for Innovation services

Fairval core focus is around unleashing value creation through intelligent digital solutions. Innovation projects driven by Fairval are intensively based on data-centric technologies such as AI. iPepper offers staffing services in terms of DataTech experts (data scientists, data engineers & analysts, IA engineers, blockchain engineers…). iPepper has developed a strong customer portfolio specialised in travel & transportation. Fairval and iPepper have set a strategic alliance to staff up quickly innovation projects driven by Fairval. Fairval is a shareholder of iPepper and seats at its board.

Scaling complex system integration

Integration of a large number of IT systems via structure and unstructured API is quite common within innovative projects in travel & transportation. This is why Fairval has set a strategic alliance with CLMS. CLMS has develop a set of no-code frameworks based on AI to automate and scale system integration. Its approach based on knowledge graphs enable to capture business process intelligence. CLMS has driven various complex projects in aviation, maritime, urban mobility. Also, CLMS has contributed to various EU funded projects through consortium made up of various tech and business players. This is key differentiator for Fairval who can support its customers in fundraising of EU grants by setting EU projects.



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Travel SMEs


Large Travel Enterprises


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