Running a start-up is not an easy ride!

As a start-up CEOs, you might require more senior strategists, financial advisors or data scientists with travel domain-expertise. This is critical to refine your vision, avoid taking wrong decisions, deliver the right solutions for the right market and rapidly turn your start-up into a faster-growing player within the travel & transportation industry.


You also need to find the right angle in terms of financial and strategic outlook to convince investors. 

Overall, you lack bandwidth to effectively drive fundraising, strategic partnership and M&A initiatives which are critical for future growth of your venture.

Fairval can join forces to maximise the full potential of your venture from seed stage to growth stage.


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Defining & optimising your growth strategy thanks to digital intelligent solutions


Financing innovations through equity, debt, grants and research & innovation tax credits


Exploring and  engineering innovative digital data centric solutions boosting growth


Accelerating your innovation through business M&A or through asset/IP acquisition

How we deliver our services


You need experts on an adhoc basis or on regular basis for a very specific topic? we can set dedicated consultation sessions between you and our experts. Consultation sessions can be on hourly or daily basis. We adapt to your needs. 


With your team, you need to align, design collectively a differentiating growth strategy, an innovative solution, or a financing strategy. Our experts master the art of animating executive workshops to deliver tangible outcome and align on critical decision-making within a minimum of time.


you need to perform in-depth research on a topic for which the outcome could be highly impactful for your business. You need to assess and mix some of your business/product data with other sources of data? To deliver impactful outcome, you require experts with strong data science and business strategy skills. Together, we scope and agree on the approach to deliver the most relevant outcome.


We take the burden out of your scope of activities by driving and delivering fully end-to-end some activities within our four service verticals.

How a journey with us could looks like?

Above all, we value long-term relations with our customers. Our aim is to jointly create value through a “win-win” collaboration. Starting with a punctual request, we usually end-up following our customers throughout their entire challenging journey from seed to growth! Here is how the journey could look like with us.

Case Scenario

you are a start-up based in the UK aiming at delivering a new zero-emission inter-urban shuttle service for workers commuting from mid-sized cities to industrial zones. Your start-up complements existing public transport services yet delivers a more efficient coverage of inter-urban routes. To deliver a profitable service, you have developed an AI-driven dynamic routing engine that optimizes route schedules based on forecasted and real time demand. You have successfully deployed your solution in your home market, UK, and have just successfully raised a round A fund. Your aim is to become a pan-EU leader. For a next round B, you are envisaging to expand into other European countries. Let’s illustrate how Fairval could be your start-up journey partner.


    1.1 Strategic Advisory

    Through advisory sessions, Fairval & CEO elaborate an expansion strategy in Europe starting in France

    1.2 Business Data Science Research Study

    To refine the expansion strategy in French cities, Fairval delivers a study on inter-urban routes maximizing revenues



    2.1 Fundraising Advisory

    Fairval advises on different options to fund the strategy via  certain EU public and private funding solutions

    2.2 Fundraising as a Service Outsourcing

    Fairval is mandated to raise debts from public funds and EU-based VCs to finance the EU expansion



    3.1 Design Sprint Workshop

    Fairval runs a solution design sprint with the start-up and 2 French cities to refine  specific requirements for France

    3.2 Innovation as a Service Outsourcing

    Fairval allocates data scientists to fast track enhancement of the start-up dynamic routing engine for the French market


    STEP 4 : M&A

    4.1 Valuation Research Study

    The  start-up mandates Fairval to perform its in-depth valuation for assessing  a Sell M&A exit scenario  of the start-up

    4.2 M&A as a Service Outsourcing

    Based on a high valuation potential, the  start-up mandates Fairval to search & coordinate an M&A Sell opportunity





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