Accelerate your (Data)² Digital Innovations with Fairval 

Are you a startup eager to disrupt the travel & transportation industry by leveraging data technologies like AI? Perhaps you’re a mature SME aiming to elevate your business, venturing into new markets with innovative digital intelligence assets? Or maybe you’re a large enterprise determined to maintain your lead in your core markets, achieve more profitable growth, and secure your long-term goals? 

Regardless of your business’s unique characteristics, innovation could be the key to fulfilling your strategic growth objectives.


Fairval guides you throughout the entire innovation journey, from establishing the right approach to designing, planning, and effectively implementing your innovations. We’ve curated a suite of modular, pre-packaged services, that we refer as our “(Data)² Digital Innovation Acceleration Studio”.



Fairval offers innovation advisory services addressing vital business topics such as market validation, problem-solution fit, product-market fit, competitive landscape analysis, and business model enhancement. Our advisory also extends to insights on emerging products and technologies, ensuring organizations align their strategies with market trends and remain at the forefront of an ever-changing business environment. Our sessions, conducted remotely, are well-structured and facilitated by experts, complemented by recorded video content for post-session reviews. We also leverage state-of-the-art collaborative online tools to enhance these consultations.



This 5-day intensive workshop determines the desirability, viability, and feasibility of a conceptual idea. Drawing on our deep industry knowledge and continuous engagement with innovative start-up ecosystems, Fairval’s Design Sprints emphasize swift idea validation and collaborative prototyping, culminating in actionable roadmaps for innovative solutions. This process empowers organizations to quickly validate, evolve, and execute significant initiatives.



Fairval specializes in delivering comprehensive studies crucial for mitigating risks for not producing innovations that are desirable, feasible, and viable:

  • Desirability studies include Market Validation, Competition Analysis, Rapid Functional Prototyping, and Value-Driven Priority Planning.

  • Feasibility studies encompass Data Science Modelling, Functional and Technical Architecture, Rapid Technical Prototyping, and Detailed Requirements & Solution Specifications.

  • Viability studies focus on Business Model Analysis and Design, Product/Market Fit Planning & Validation, and Customer Pilot Programs.



Fairval offers development outsourcing to manifest your innovative visions. We adeptly manage build/buy/partner scenarios for your go-to-market MVP (minimum viable product). Beyond this, we also provide integration development and project management across these scenarios.

After the MVP phase, we ensure a seamless handover to your core R&D, whether they are internal teams or outsourced units.


Innovation is captivating. However, at Fairval, we see many business leaders diving headfirst into innovation projects without adequately analysing that these address significant problems worth solving. Investing without clear direction might lead to situations where you attempt to market a solution that nobody desires. Such an outcome can be detrimental not only to you and your business but also to your current and prospective customers.

With our expertise in the travel & transportation sector, Fairval consultants grasp the distinct challenges, trends, and opportunities inherent to your travel & transportation business. We craft “winning” innovations tailored to your needs.

Our emphasis on advanced data technologies, like AI, allows you to embark on a (Data)² Digital Transformation journey. This journey paves the way for enhanced customer experiences, heightened efficiency, and fresh profitable growth avenues within travel & transportation.


With our proficiency in the latest innovation engineering techniques, combined with our exposure to the newest innovations via our startup network, we are primed to expedite the realization of impactful, value-driven innovation.

Unlike many innovation design firms, we offer support throughout your journey. We’re not only there for the initial inception & design phases but also stand as a trusted partner when rolling out go-to-market minimum viable products (MVPs).

Our vast industry networks, encompassing potential partners, investors, and experts, position us to introduce you to invaluable contacts who can expedite and financially back your innovation.





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