Navigating the complex and fast-changing landscape of the travel and transportation industry can be daunting. Our Innovation Advisory Services are designed to guide you through this journey, ensuring that your innovation not only survives but thrives.

At Fairval we are specialised on innovations leveraging digital assets, such as cutting-edge data technology and AI. In this context, we can guide you to effectively tackle key topics, from market validation and product-market fit to competitive analysis, technology state of the art assessments and business model optimization.

Every consultation is an opportunity to refine your strategy for realigning with market demands, and effectively designing differentiating solutions that customers want.

For example, imagine a retail platform that uses AI to personalize holiday dynamic packages in real-time, based on user behaviour, seasonal trends, and external factors like weather conditions. Our experts can guide you on ways to validate the market for such an advanced system and advise on tailoring AI algorithms to ensure problem-solution and product-market fit, all while scrutinizing the competitive landscape.

Consultations sessions are remote, expertly structured, and recorded for your convenience. 

They can be organized on an hourly basis or daily; a pre-defined number of sessions can also be agreed upfront from which preferential fees may apply. Prior each session, an agenda is agreed and set-up to structure exchanges and maximize the outcome.


1. Advisory specification analysis

You specify by email (at or via our website form (here), the topics and questions on which you require some advisory. If further details are required, we will reach out to you accordingly.

2. Expert identification & allocation

Depending on the areas to be advised on, Fairval identifies and brings on the appropriate expert. In the same way, in case Fairval does not have any appropriate expert, you will be notified.

3. Recorded video consultations

Video consultations are then scheduled, executed, and recorded for post-session review from your end. Fairval sends the recording of the session and then deletes it from its systems. An NDA gets signed by Fairval and its experts whenever necessary. 

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