We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to accelerate and mitigate risks on your path to a market-ready MVP in the travel and transportation sectors. 

The “Go-to-Market MVP Build” focuses developments from scratch, while the “Go-to-Market MVP Buy” identifies existing solutions to expedite your MVP creation. 

The “Go-to-Market MVP Partner” connects you with innovation partners for co-creation and potential funding avenues such as EU grants. 

Lastly, the “Go-to-Market MVP Integration” ensures seamless integration of all components, utilizing AI-driven tools for a quick time-to-market and growth positioning.


Go-to-Market MVP Build

Our service is tailored to develop your concept with a minimal feature set and prepare it for a full market launch. We develop market-ready key functionalities, maintaining flexibility for iteration based on user feedback. Emphasis is also placed on scalability and robustness to ensure the product can handle increased demand. For instance, in Urban Mobility, we might construct an MVP of a dynamic routing system for public transport, ready to integrate with existing transit infrastructure. In Aviation, we could develop an MVP for an in-flight entertainment system, leveraging personalized AI algorithms, and ensuring easy scalability to accommodate a full fleet.

Go-to-Market MVP Buy

This service emphasizes the identification and utilization of existing solutions to hasten your product’s market entry. Instead of building every component from scratch, we search for existing providers that can fulfill parts or the entirety of your innovative MVP’s requirements. We manage a comprehensive Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) process to meticulously evaluate various solution providers, ensuring time efficiency, minimized risk, and optimal resource allocation for a successful market launch.

Go-to-Market MVP Partner

Aimed at identifying and connecting you with innovation partners for MVP co-creation, this service accelerates development and diminishes risks. Through our extensive network, we introduce you to potential partners – from cutting-edge startups to established SMEs and large enterprises – that can provide necessary expertise, assets, and capabilities, ensuring your financial and technological readiness for a successful and expedited MVP launch. Within the context of such partnership, Fairval can support for raising eligible grants from EU, regional and local schemes.

Go-to-Market MVP Integration

This service is dedicated to ensuring the seamless amalgamation of various elements making up your go-to-market MVP. Regardless of the components’ origin – whether developed through our services or existing aspects of your IT landscape – we ensure modern encapsulation and integration. Our specialized team of R&D experts and experienced project managers, along with AI-driven tools, guarantee that your MVP is market-ready, scalable, and set for future growth.”

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