Our Innovation Design Sprint is a focused, 5-day intensive workshop, specifically designed to rapidly assess the desirability, viability, and feasibility of concept ideas within the travel and transportation sectors.

By leveraging our profound industry knowledge and consistent engagement with innovative startup ecosystems, we ensure swift idea validation and collaborative prototyping. Upon completion, organizations will have in hand actionable roadmaps for pioneering solutions.

Typical participants in this workshop include project sponsors/managers, subject matter experts, designers, product specialists, and software developers.

This agile method empowers teams to promptly validate, develop, and implement impactful ideas, significantly reducing time and resources expended on uncertain projects.


1. Workshop preparation

Interviews with the different stakeholders and participants of the workshop to analyse your specific business/product/technical context.

High level market solution state of the art assessment relating to the innovation project.

Exchanges with some external experts and identifying external players that could pitch/exchange on some specific experience or topic that could be inspirational, useful to refine the target innovation.

Any preparation of materials that could be used during the workshop to illustrate or facilitate constructive debates.

2. Workshop execution facilitation

Throughout the five iterative steps from setting ambitions to delivering an initial or refined innovation concept, Fairval proficiently facilitates the workshops using effective animation and innovation workshop methods, tools, and frameworks. 

Depending on the type of innovation, an initial rapid prototype can even be crafted.

From vision to reality – Let’s make it happen!

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