A two-day executive workshop which aims at aligning and bootstrapping a fundraising initiative.

In the case of a company with multiple founders and key investors, such a workshop can be crucial in aligning the interests of founders with those of current and future investors. Indeed, there might be misalignments among stakeholders regarding dilution considerations, growth acceleration expectations, governance issues, and potential exit scenarios along with their respective timelines. 

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Under these circumstances, employing an independent, experienced moderator from Fairval can help resolve potential conflicts and overall set the foundation of an effective fundraising strategy.

Participants of this workshop are normally the founding teams, board members, lead investors and potentially other key investors. 

During this workshop, Fairval facilitates constructive discussions, through illustrations of past fundraising cases performed by others and by leveraging its domain expertise in travel & transportation, whilst progressively rallying back all stakeholder to pragmatic objectives such as venture ROI and resilience aspects. Thanks to the mastery of various workshop animation tools, Fairval inspires and engages participants to maximize outcomes.


1. Workshop preparation

Interviews with the different stakeholders and participants of the workshop to analyse your specific business context and identify potential conflictual discussion points to anticipate.

High level financial market dynamic assessment to orientate discussions towards realistic fundraising goals.

 Any preparation of materials that could be used during the workshop to illustrate or facilitate constructive debates.

2. Workshop execution facilitation

Day-1 – “Aiming for alignment”

  • Aligning on WHY to fundraise, and HOW MUCH by exploring respective activity pipelines that require investment vs. the business and market dynamics and overall growth/resilience objectives. 
  • Aligning on the fundraising cycle planning, i.e., current, and future identified fundraising rounds.
  • Aligning on the fundraising mix strategy, i.e., types of financing vehicle mix, including auto-financing allocation. 
  • Aligning on dilution TO-BE target across the target end-to-end fundraising cycle and specifically following the current round.
  • Aligning on fundraising conditions that are non-negotiable vs. the ones that are negotiable.
  • Aligning on Exit scenarios between founders and existing investors.

Day-2 – “Planning for bootstrapping

  • Defining key enhancements that need to be brought to the existing shareholder agreement.
  • Defining key bullet points for your fundraising storytelling. 
  • Identifying & prioritizing an initial list of potential investors. 
  • Allocating roles and tasks for engaging with the initial list of investors.
  • Retrospective planning of key actions to pursue further to this workshop.

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