Strategy as a Service fills a crucial gap by providing senior strategists specialized in travel & transportation, on a part-time basis, offering both flexibility and expertise without the full-time commitment.

Transition Directors

If you’re grooming a future VP for your corporate strategy division but can’t yet justify a full-time role, our senior strategist steps in to steer the ship in the interim, imparting valuable insights and frameworks.

Strategy Advisory Board 

If you’re looking to bolster your strategic decision-making, our part-time strategists can serve on your Strategy Advisory Board, providing experienced perspectives and critical evaluation of business choices.

Board of Directors

For organizations that need an independent voice in their highest decision-making body, our strategists can join your Board of Directors as non-executive board directors, contributing an unbiased, strategy-focused viewpoint that enriches board discussions and decisions.

 By offering expert strategists on a flexible, part-time basis, we enable you to navigate complex business landscapes effectively without the long-term financial commitment of a full-time hire.

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