M&A as a Service is designed to streamline your M&A journey, taking the entire process under our wing, from start to finish.

This is a “project management outsourcing” packaged services which aims to take the burden out of your scope of activities by coordinating and delivering end-to-end M&A execution related activities. We can support you on the SELL side or on the BUY side.


Scouting, screening, shortlisting, engaging activities:

  • Identifying, analyzing, and reaching out to the right buyers or sellers. 
  • Managing related bidding/shortlist processes. 
  • Coordinating with legal firms for the preparation of key materials (e.g. Confidential Agreements, Confidential Information Memorandum, Data Room, Sell & Purchase Agreement).

Iterative valuations & due diligences activities:

  • Iteratively, performing due diligences and valuations of the target company being acquired or of the acquiring company in case of acquisition through exchanges of shares.
  • Analyzing and performing valuations of synergies enabled through the M&A.
  • Paid premium scenarios analysis.
  • Exchange ratio, contribution analysis and Pro-forma ownership analysis in case of share exchange deals.

Deal negotiation and closing assistance activities:

  • Advising throughout transaction negotiations to effectively close the deal.
  • Coordination with legal firms and banks for closing the deal.

Optional Post M&A services that can be added:

  • Planning integration tasks required for synergies creating value out of the M&A.
  • Defining appropriate organization and governance set-up.
  • Identifying and overcoming areas of resistance. Setting and monitoring “success-factor” metrics.

* Note: This service only applies in countries where Fairval has legal rights to provide in terms of financial regulation.

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