Many investors lack the expertise and time to identify promising travel & transportation investment opportunities. 

With our advisory services, investors maximise the full potential of their investment portfolio.  




Optimizing your investment portfolio strategy to maximize your return on investment.


Scaling the ability to build a curated deal-flow according to your specific needs. 


Delivering neutral and strategic venture valuations to de-risk investments and set constructive negotiations for fundraising and M&A.


Sourcing, assessing, coordinating M&A opportunities sell-side or buy-side


Whether you are a financial investor or a corporate investor, we  help you expand, integrate and optimize your portfolio of assets.

Investment Research

Identifying promising trends that can deliver further growth opportunities and quantifying impact for your investment portfolio.


Portfolio Optimization

In order to increase your return on investment, we identify and assess operational synergies amongst existing and future assets of your portfolio.

Build vs. Buy Growth Strategy

Defining the optimal balance between organic growth and external growth to accelerate and scale. 

Strategic Partnership Intermediation

We can  maximize and de-risk your investment expansion strategy by intermediating and structuring strategic partnerships between corporate and financial investors.


We deliver neutral strategic and neutral venture valuations to de-risk investment decisions and optimize negotiations  for different deal types:

Fund Raising: financing ventures according to your specific strategic and financial investment objectives. 

M&A/Sell-Side: valuating ventures part of your portfolio to sell effectively and  maximize return on investment. 


M&A/Buy-Side: assessing ventures to acquire, including related benefits coming from  synergies. 

We deliver crash tests to mitigate risks for investing into mediocre start-ups to the expense of more impactful alternatives. 

Our market expertise combined with “what-if” assessments (using real option theory and game theory) complements traditional valuations. It sets out a stage-gate investment approach favouring bolder expansion projects whilst managing risks.


The biggest nightmare for an investor is to miss-out on the next unicorn. The second biggest nightmare is to invest in non-performing ventures. When bandwidth and expertise is lacking, Fairval can help you.



Based on your fund allocation strategy and the stage of your fund, we take on the mission to identify matching start-ups or scale-ups. With our assessments and recommendations, you can shortlist more effectively ventures matching your investment objectives.


We proceed to an assessment of your start-up / scale-up shortlists. Our strategic and financial insights reinforce your investment decisions.

Due diligence

We coordinate and contribute to due diligence processes. Our reports outline critical points to consider when structuring and negotiating deals. This service can be further complemented with our Valuation service.   


We support critical-steps of your M&A journey. Whether it be on the sell-side or on the buy-side:

M&A Strategic Planning

This is about aligning with your stakeholders on WHY buy or sell, and WHY NOW. Clearly articulating business benefits with related target metrics. 


Assessing the M&A market conditions and identifying an initial list of potential sellers or buyers. Analysing different alternatives to structure and finance the deal.  

M&A Execution

Reaching out to the right buyers or sellers and managing related bidding/shortlist processes. Coordinating the preparation of key materials (e.g. confidential agreements, confidential information memorandum, data room, Sell & Purchase Agreement). To negotiate and close the deal,  iteratively, performing due diligences and valuations of the target company being acquired and inferred synergies enabled through the M&A.

Post M&A Integration

Planning integration tasks required for synergies creating value out of the M&A. Defining appropriate organization and  governance set-up. Identifying and overcoming areas of resistances. Setting and monitoring “success-factor” metrics .