Travel & Transportation is large, resilient with high value creation potential

Travel and Transportation represented 9T$ in 2019, 10% of GDP global economy, producing 330mio jobs worldwide. 

Travel & transportation is very resilient – Thanks to a balance between global to local  markets, it consistently grew despite many major crises. Experts and financial markets projected a post-COVID boom.


Many top-valued unicorns are travel & transportation related. Some analysis show that if we add unicorn valuations per industry, Travel & Transportation consistently ranks amongst the top 3. 

Travel & transportation industry is in a unprecedent stage where transformation is much needed to unleash further impactful value creation. 

This is a unique opportunity for innovative ventures, but as well for financial investors and leading travel traditional players.

BUT, Travel & Transportation growth potential is  partly caped by a lack of expertise and collaboration between financial investors, traditional travel players and innovative ventures.

Through 27 years in the travel Industry, Landry HOLI, founder of Fairval, worked on various large transformation and innovation projects with start-ups. Through these initiatives, he faced the same problem over and over: 

  • Lack of strategic and financial expertise from start-ups,
  • Limited in-depth understanding of travel & transportation from investors,
  • Collaboration is inefficient between start-ups, financial investors and traditional travel players. 

Not addressing these problems, limits value creation impact. It is for these reasons that Fairval was initially created.


Fairval is an investment consulting boutique focused on Travel & Transportation

We enable innovative entrepreneurs and investors to maximize their return on investment.

We optimise four activities to foster effective growth of innovative ventures: 

  • Strategy
  • Valuation
  • Fundraising 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

We focus on deep transformational innovation domains that we consider instrumental to create impactful growth value within travel & transportation:

  • Boosting trust and safety to reboot and expand Travel & Transportation
  • Sustainability and ethical Travel & Transportation
  • New Growth Platform Economies in Travel & Transportation
  • Future growth from African emerging market in Travel & Transportation 

We enhance collaboration between entrepreneurs, private investors and travel traditional players to maximize value creation.



Trustworthy, ethical, respecting our customers, employees and partners.


Our differences are our strength.


Always going that extra mile.


Focusing on what is actionable to deliver results.



Fairval is a consulting boutique specialising in travel and transportation. This means that we address our consulting missions in a very customed way as opposed to large generalist consulting firms.

For your missions, Fairval sets out an optimal project team based on an agile and trustworthy subject matter expert network.


Fairval – Founder & CEO


Landry acts as the lead project manager for your missions.

Passionate about travel and innovation, Landry has nearly 30 years of experience in travel  together with extensive corporate experience. He has previously worked with and for  leading traditional travel players such as large travel tech players, big consulting firms,  travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and hoteliers. In particular, he drove various  M&As, open innovation and large digital transformation projects. Thanks to various  senior positions held in software development, research, innovation product/project  management, business development and corporate strategy, Landry has a 360-view of  key of corporate functions.  


He has also extensive experience in the start-up and investment world. As Fairval CEO,  Landry spends part of his time with Start-ups and the other part with investors. He has  driven private/public fundraising activities, including large research tax credit operations.  Business mentors for start-ups, he also invests in some of them as a business angel. 

Landry holds a MSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Finance Engineering, and a MBA.