Fairval is a consulting boutique specialising in travel and transportation. This means that we address our consulting missions in a very customed way as opposed to large generalist consulting firms.

For your missions, Fairval sets out an optimal project team based on an agile and trustworthy subject matter expert network.



Fairval – Founder & CEO


Landry acts as the lead project manager for your missions.

Passionate about travel and innovation, Landry has over 27 years experience in travel together with extensive corporate experience. He has previously worked with and for leading traditional travel players
such as large travel tech players, big consulting firms, travel agencies, tour operators, airlines and hoteliers. In particular, he drove various M&As, open innovation and large digital transformation projects .
Thanks to various senior positions held in software development, research, innovation product/project management, business development and corporate strategy, Landry has a 360-view of key of corporate


Landry has also extensive experience in the start-up and investment world. He drove private/public fund raising activities, including large research tax credit operations. Business mentors for start-ups, he also invests in some of them as a business angel. Since then, Landry spend 70% of his time interacting with Start-up as Fairval CEO.

Besides travel, Landry has another passion: music, where he composes, sings and plays guitar in the band founded with his 3 sons. 

Landry holds a MSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Finance Engineering, and a MBA. Find out more: