Running a start-up or scale-up is not an easy ride!

Many CEOs need senior professionals bringing both domain-expertise and strategic outlook to turn the business into a faster-growing  and more scalable one. Also, their lack of proficiency or bandwidth limits effective drive of fundraising and M&A operations, which is critical for future growth.

Through our advisory services, Fairval helps entrepreneurs maximise the full potential of their venture.  



Strengthening key aspects of your business strategy for effective go-to-market and growth hacking.


Gaining time and maximizing fund raising outcome while remaining focused on core business operations.


Delivering neutral and strategic venture valuations to de-risk and set out constructive negotiations for fundraising and M&A.


Identifying, assessing, coordinating M&A opportunities sell-side or buy-side.


We strengthen key aspects of your business strategy for effective go-to-market and growth hacking. Our mastery of the latest innovation and strategic techniques adapted to the travel & transportation specificity, delivers impactful outcome.


    Value Proposition Market Fit

    Customer validation and refinement of your value proposition to acquire stronger market traction.

    Business Model Scalability

    Designing and validating a business model that scales, including optimizing  multi-sided platform business models.

    Sales & Marketing Bootstrapping

    Mentoring to engage and convert effectively new customer segments within travel and transportation.

    Build/Buy/Partner Strategy

    Finding the right build/buy/partner balance to gain competitive advantage  according to growth and strategic targets.

    Organization Expansion Optimisation

    Optimizing your organization set-up to scale operations whilst maximizing financing options and tax benefits.


    We deliver neutral and strategic venture valuations to de-risk and set out constructive negotiation paths for the following deal types:

    Fund Raising: valuating your venture to finance internal and external investment projects boosting growth.

    M&A/Sell-Side: valuating your venture or related assets to sell effectively and  maximize return on investment for you and your shareholders. 


    M&A/Buy-Side: assessing some acquisition targets (e.g. other start-ups for consolidation or incumbents to increase your market access), including valuations of inferred potential acquisition synergy benefits.

    Our strategic and factual approach prevents inconsistent equity dilutions or inadequate sell/buy acquisition price premiums. 

    Our market expertise combined with “what-if” assessments (using real option theory and game theory) complements traditional valuations. It sets out a stage-gate investment approach favouring bolder expansion projects whilst managing risks.


    As a start-up CEO, fundraising is a “fact of life”. But, it often interrupts effective drive of your business operations despite its incontestable necessity. Fairval cannot replace you in this journey – but we can certainly make you save precious time and maximize the outcome.


    Fundraising strategy 

    First things first – reconciling your strategic business plan  with a realistic financing lifecycle plan. Assessing available financing mix options, optimizing trade-offs between amount of money to raise, cost of capital, equity dilution risk mitigation and ”smart money” benefits. 

    Fundraising preparation

    Identifying and facilitating delivery of preliminary milestones that are ”must-have” to boost your venture valuation. Nailing down an initial list of appropriate investors to reach out to. Performing a 360-valuation of your venture. Preparing the different pitch storylines and related pitch decks according to targeted investors. Coordinating the set-up of required data rooms with the right materials demonstrating professionalism to investors.

    Fundraising execution

    Engaging with targeted potential investors and planning relating pitching sessions. Coordinating due diligence sessions. Supporting the structuring and negotiation of deal term sheets. Driving momentum across investors to close a deal effectively. 


    We support critical-steps of your M&A journey. Whether it is on the sell-side (i.e. you want to sell your start-up or some relating assets) or on the buy-side (i.e. you want to buy another differentiating start-up or an incumbent to consolidate of your market position):


    M&A Strategic Planning

    This is about aligning with your board members on WHY buy or sell, and WHY NOW. Clearly articulating business benefits with related target metrics. Assessing the M&A market conditions and identifying an initial list of potential sellers or buyers. Analysing different alternatives to structure and finance the deal.  

    M&A Execution

    Reaching out to the right buyers or sellers and managing related bidding/shortlist processes. Coordinating the preparation of key materials (e.g. confidential agreements, confidential information memorandum, data room, Sell & Purchase Agreement). To negotiate and close the deal,  iteratively, performing due diligences and valuations of the target company being acquired and inferred synergies enabled through the M&A. 

    Post M&A Integration

    Planning integration tasks required for synergies creating value out of the M&A. Defining appropriate organization and governance set-up. Identifying and overcoming areas of resistances. Setting and monitoring “success-factor” metrics .