Running a start-up is not an easy ride!

As a start-up CEOs, you might require more senior resources with travel domain-expertise, strong travel business network or business strategy acumen. This is critical to refine your vision and rapidly turn your start-up into a faster-growing and scalable player within the travel & transportation industry.

You lack of bandwidth to effectively drive fundraising, strategic partnership and M&A initiatives which are critical for future growth of your venture.

Fairval can join forces to maximise the full potential of your venture from seed stage to growth stage.



Strengthening key aspects of your growth strategy from effective go-to-market to profitable growth hacking.


Identifying, assessing, coordinating M&A opportunities sell-side or buy-side. fundraising fundraising fundraising 


Gaining time and optimising fundraising through a mix of equity/debt/grant funding and R&D/Innovation tax credit.


Accelerating growth through the right partnerships with other start-ups or more established players in travel and transportation.


Why not strengthen key aspects of your growth business strategy faster for effective go-to-market and profitable growth hacking?

Our travel & transportation industry expertise coupled with the mastery of latest innovation and strategy techniques, accelerates delivery of an impactful and realistic growth business strategy. With our tools, your whole organisation can collaborate effectively to execute your growth strategy.

Problem Solution Fit: Stop theories…Refine growth opportunities targets through verified facts from industry experts and customers. Narrow your focus on solving problems that are big enough for you to scale. Refine the design of your solution in a pragmatic and iterative way to avoid over-engineering.


    Product Market Fit: Identify with facts your initial or next growth priority target customer segments. Validate and refine your value proposition directly with these customer segments to acquire stronger market traction.

    Profitable Business Modelling: Design, validate and refine a business model that can scale in a profitable way. This may include optimizing multi-sided platform business models.

    Build/Buy/Partner Strategy: Set the right build/buy/partner balance to gain competitive advantage and accelerate the deployment of your business in a profitable way.


    As a start-up CEO, fundraising is a “fact of life”. It interrupts effective drive of your business operations despite its incontestable necessity. We cannot replace you in this journey – but we can certainly make you save precious time and maximise the outcome.

    Fundraising Mix Strategy
    We can help you finance your growth strategies through a mix of finance solutions:

    • Equity fundraising from business angels syndicates, venture capital firms, family offices, crowdfunding platforms,
    • Debts loans and guaranties from public / private investment banks, venture debts, alternative working capital loan providers and crowdfunding platforms,
    • Grants from local/national and European funds or specific social-driven funds,
      R&D or innovation tax credit and other local/national innovation tax optimisation schemes.

    Considering these finance solutions, we map your business plan with a realistic financing lifecycle plan. We then shortlist eligible financing mix options, optimizing trade-offs between amount of money to raise, cost of capital, equity dilution risks mitigation and ”smart money” benefits.

    Fundraising preparation
    We identify and facilitate delivery of preliminary milestones that are ”must-have” to boost your venture valuation. We perform a 360-valuation of your venture. We prepare prospectuses, pitch decks and fundraising application forms according to targeted investors and lenders. We coordinate the set-up of required data rooms with the right material standards, demonstrating professionalism to investors.

    Fundraising execution
    We engage with targeted investors and plan relating pitching sessions. We coordinate due diligence sessions. We support you to structure and negotiate deal term sheets. We drive momentum across investors to close a deal effectively.


    Aiming for a M&A journey is one way to accelerate growth for your start-up. Two main cases to consider:

    M&A Buy-side: you want to buy another start-up to consolidate your position or acquire more expertise focussed on your core target markets. Or, you want to acquire an established SME, possibly through a Leveraged Buy Out, to convert existing customers from incumbents towards your new innovative offering.

    M&A Sell-side: you want to sell your start-up or some relating assets to a larger strategic investor who can help you further scale profitable growth.

    Although M&A can be a key growth driver, it is very time consuming and complex. We support you through your M&A journey with a structured process.


    M&A Strategic Planning
    This is about aligning with your board members on WHY buy or sell, and WHY NOW. Clearly articulating business benefits with related target metrics. Assessing the M&A market conditions and identifying an initial list of potential sellers or buyers. Analysing different alternatives to structure and finance the deal.

    M&A Execution
    Reaching out to the right buyers or sellers and managing related bidding/shortlist processes. Coordinating the preparation of key materials (e.g. Confidential Agreements, Confidential Information Memorandum, Data Room, Sell & Purchase Agreement). For you to negotiate and close the deal, iteratively, performing due diligences and valuations of the target company being acquired and inferred synergies enabled through the M&A.

    Post M&A Integration
    Planning integration tasks required for synergies creating value out of the M&A. Defining appropriate organization and governance set-up. Identifying and overcoming areas of resistance. Setting and monitoring “success-factor” metrics.


    Aiming for a strategic partnership is an external growth alternative which could be lighter compared to a M&A. Three main cases to consider where we can help you.

    Business strategic partnerships: In order to grow your business significantly, you might consider a strategic partnership with a larger travel player where you complement his portfolio. Beyond customer access from this larger player, it is also a relevant way to gain further credibility within the travel and transportation industry.

    Innovation strategic partnerships: The aim is to share expertise and resources to increase impact and reduce costs or risks related to uncertain research and innovation projects. When initiated through a large enterprise, this might involve enrolling to its corporate incubation or acceleration program.

    Fundraising strategic partnerships: In order to benefit from certain public funds, especially in Europe, it might be required to form a consortium with different types of actors (start-ups, academics, SMEs, large enterprises). Usually linked to innovation purposes, such partnership could be the initial step towards a longer term innovation or business strategic partnership.


    We enable you to avoid pitfalls from partnerships thanks to our experience, network and structured approach.

    Partnership Scope Planning: This infers aligning across the board on the opportunity vs. risks, defining qualitative and quantitative objectives, clarifying “no-go” conditions. It also includes identifying and shortlisting the appropriate candidates who are compatible with your culture; Fairval can leverage its exclusive network and experience to speed up this step.

    Partnership Engagement: We can play an intermediation role through our exclusive network. We scout and screen various potential candidates. We set up and prepare with you introduction meetings, negotiation and due diligence sessions.

    Partnership Structuring: This implies defining commercial, legal and financial arrangements. From a legal standpoint, three major forms: (1) contractual arrangements, (2) equity investments, and (3) joint ventures. It also implies setting the right governance in terms of joint IP sharing, revenue sharing, sales and marketing joint approach. Lastly, this implies setting a common business plan with respective target metrics.